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Silver Black


A sleeveless bodysuit paneled with sheer mesh and featuring cutouts at the waist and back.
Exposed back zipper
Stretch knit, partially lined
95% polyester, 5% spandex
Hand wash cold
Made in USA
Measured from Small
30" full length, 13" waist to hem, 2.5" inseam, 28" waist, 30" chest

Extrusion height: 1.900 mm
Operating side: left from the view of screw feeding direction
Troughput: HDPE ca. 3000 kg/h, PP ca. 2800 kg/h - on the material and mould dimensions used
Drive: D/C motor 35kW
Screw speed: max. 1250 rpm, screw exchange rearward
Torque: 15.411 Nm

Address: 812 Elm Ave, Story City, IA 50248, United States
Phone: +1 515-733-4029
Hours: Open today · 1–8PM

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