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Starting an exercise routine is intimidating when you first begin. Walking into the gym and seeing fifty plus different machines with no idea which one does what can be quite daunting. You may be scared that you might use a machine wrong or may fail because you put too much weight on. With this handy guide we will walk you through exactly what the most popular exercise equipment does. This list of gym equipment will cover 95% of the exercise equipment you will see at your gym.

Extrusion height: 1.100 mm
Operating side: left from the view of screw feeding direction
Troughput: HDPE ca. 300 kg/h, PP ca. 280 kg/h - depending on the material and mould dimensions used
Drive: D/C motor 85kW
Screw speed: max. 150 rpm, screw exchange rearward
Torque: 5.411 Nm

Address: 912 Elm Ave, Story City, IA 50248, United States
Phone: +1 815-733-4029
Hours: Open today · 1–8PM

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